Welcome to the BodyMindFlow webpage.

BodyMindFlow is awareness training that creates a sense of flow, within yourself and in relation to your situations and your environment. The method is developed by Kari Anne Vadstensvik Bjerkestrand.

In BodyMindFlow the term flow describes a natural and conscious circulation between body, mind, breath and the surroundings. The aim of BodyMIndFlow is to develop your ability to maintain a mobility, both physically and mentally, so that disturbances like stress, blockages, tension or stagnation can be handled consecutively and actively before becoming permanently stuck into your body-mind-system.

Another goal of BodyMindFlow is to rise the level of well-being through the insight that life itself represents  a continuous movement that never stops, and that we can influence external movements in life by being conscious of ourselves. In this way BodyMIndFlow is bringing a positive quality into our existence.

BodyMindFlow employs well-tested techniques within movement, breath, meditation, creativity and insight from time-space-form-phenomena.

BodyMindFlow is  presented to employees and leaders in companies and institutions, and to individuals who like to develop self-insight.

Norwegian speaking readers can also follow the blog: www.bedreflyt.wordpress.com