“Through the BodyMindFlow sessions in our Mindful Leadership course, I discovered how good it is for the mind to detach from the (over-)flow of thoughts and concentrate on the presence. Disturbing noise is constantly attacking in our leadership role and it is very assuring to have a technique for how to reestablish focus on the presence. BodyMindFlow is simple, easy to understand, safe and not connected to any religious development, which makes it easily available and possible to grasp for anyone.”

Øyvind Træthaug, manager (NOR) Det Norske Veritas


«For me the main insight from BodyMindFlow was a greater understanding of the barriers that I put up at work. I often have a fear of people seeing my softer side and therefore put on a mask at work which can lead to communication failures. I have always been aware of this tendency but have been less aware of the impact on those that I work with. Using the techniques learned through BodyMindFlow I have been able to lower my work mask which has allowed me to delegate more, trust others more and trust myself more.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole courseweek although I was a sceptic at first. During our first session I struggled to engage as my mind just wouldn’t focus. Perhaps it is the “British” in me but I really thought the sessions would be a waste of time. I couldn’t have been more wrong. By the end of the week I couldn’t wait to get to the BodyMindFlow sessions. They energised you at the start of the day and helped to consolidate your learning at the end of the day. I think they should be an integral part of any leadership training.

I am easily distracted at work particularly during long meetings or phone calls. BodyMindFlow has helped me to stay focused on the here and now which helps to demonstrate to others that you are engaged and participating.»

Aileen Orr,  Head of Operations, DNV Healthcare & Biorisk (UK)


«BodyMindFlow was a new experience for me. I did not know what to expect. I was surprised to see how well it fitted into the managerial development program, as obviously I cannot be a good and present leader without being aligned with my mind. Doing the quiet BodyMindFlow exercises was a good reminder of how important my breathing is. I was surprised to find out how much disturbances there really are during a day for a brain, and how relaxed I felt when I managed to clear my mind, if only for a few minutes.»

Helene Berge Holm, Head of Organisational Development and HR, Det Norske Veritas


«Kari Anne has been an important part of the training team for the delivery of Mindful Leadership, a course in our leadership development program, having worked with us since the first course in January 2008. Kari Anne uses BodyMindFlow to help our participants gain self-awareness and to develop in their roles as leaders. She has developed a method for the context of a one-week course that is immediately accessible and provides leaders with insight into how they can develop and use a body-mind connection to be better, more authentic leaders.

Kari Anne is particularly skilful in tailoring the content she brings to the needs of the participants, who come from many countries and cultures. She has the unique ability to tailor her approach to meet the participants as they are in the moment, and to work with the rest of the instructor team in making adjustments according to the participants’ own development process. We have always found her to be inspiring, enthusiastic and dedicated to the success of the participants in reaching their developmental goals.»

Robert Marsalis, Head of Section, Leadership and Organisational  Development,             Det Norske Veritas


«Through BodyMindFlow I experience a deeper contact with myself because my bodyparts are given focus. This contact gives me a new awareness of the importance of the body, that again leads to a stronger understanding of my body and mind.

Living NOW has also become a stronger experience. When I am in nature, fishing or hunting, I already feel very much in the NOW, but fishing and hunting are external parameters that brings me to a NOW-experience. Through BodyMindFlow the NOW-experience evolves from the inside, because I am the one creating it. This is a new experience for me, and has brought me to a new dimension of being in the NOW. I really learn to know myself more. It gives me peace and flow.»

Lorentz Kielland, architect (NOR)


«Kari Anne has unique abilities to inspire others in creative and sensitive ways. I appreciate how she meets me and the group with respect and humility at the same time as she maintains the leader role. I feel seen and recognized for who I am.»

Liv Ragnhild Loven, Marte Meo-therapist (NO)


«Kari Anne is a solid leader, warm and empathic. She works very intuitively by the signals she sees in the group.»

Tina Holth, Tinagent (NO)


«Leaders in DNV have many commitments and are under a lot of pressure in meeting a great number of challenges. The only way to get through it all is to be authentic and work as a team. But sometimes we lose ourselves. BodyMindFlow is clearly effective in finding the self and experiencing balance.»

Keng Chen, manager, Det Norske Veritas (China)


«On Tuesday we were doing this rocking movement from side to side. I was doing the motion very slowly and after a while I started to feel how the conscious part of my brain started to silence up, it kind of stopped processing all the interesting thoughts I had circulating in my head after the day’s sessions. I started to pay attention to just «being» and «feeling» and this was a very pleasant state to be in, almost like asleep but awake. When afterwards reflecting over this experience I can not remember when was the last time I have been in such a relaxed state of mind. I can be a very «exited, energetic and active» person – and attract all kinds of stress – but after this session on Tuesday I felt very «kinestetic», slow and just so pleased with being there, in that moment, «in the now». I paid attention to this when walking back from the BodyMindFlow-room. Usually I have a fast pace when walking («constant hurry») but this time I walked really slowly and felt completely comfortable doing that.»

Max, manager (FIN)


«During one of the breathing excercises in a BodyMindFlow session, where we were changing the location of our focus as we breathed, I discovered a consistent relationship between the focus and my mood.  With the focus low down in my body, perhaps even as low as the soles of my feet in contact with the floor, the mood becomes quite serious, quite relaxed, very solid.  It is hard to describe; it’s a very stable, immovable feeling, but not at all hard or rigid.

Moving the focus up through my body, to the top of my head, the feeling lightens, and becomes very easy to describe.  It is happiness.  Not happiness about something, just happiness!  And it is quite reliable and consistent.  If I am able to take the time just to breathe, and to focus, I get happy every time I move the focus to the top of my head.»

Richard White, manager (UK)