The approach

Simply said: Flow is movement. When adressing flow towards the area of self development, flow is a state where movement is present in body and mind. This state is most easily recognized when you feel present in what you do, you feel connected to a situation, you feel relaxed and open to what comes next. But flow can just as well be active when you are angry, sad or in pain. By accepting the state you are in, and expressing yourself naturally with it, you are practicing flow. By repressing a feeling or state, movement is hindered and the flow is broken.

With the approach BodyMindFlow you can develop a way to navigate through your everyday life in terms of flow – no flow, and be able to choose better «flowing responses» to the different experiences you are having.

The work of BodyMindFlow starts in four basic aspects of ourselves: the body, the mind, the breath and the surroundings close to us ( gravity, space, sound, surfaces). These four aspects are always accessible,  ever interconnected and can not be separated, even though we often feel split and disconnected within them. When becoming better aware of these four aspects and their inner relationship, we can have a deeper experience of being centered and present.  Presence itself is a keyword: Presence is a criterion and a the foundation for flow.

By following a program of simple exercises, you will increase your relationship with your body, your mind, your breathing and your close surroundings. The work is practical and simple, but has to be consequently performed to fully support your process of flow.